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The America Project-Nevada

Diversified Community Services

501C3 Nevada Non Profit Community Development Corporation

You Served Us, Let Us Serve You

The America Project-Nevada provides direct services involving gender-

specific and culturally-sensitive care to Southern Nevada veterans. Armed with a strong conviction that Veteran reintegration is not solely a national effort, it is a community effort, America Project-Nevada also provides community education to nonveteran healthcare and behavioral health providers as well as employers and other organizations. This form of education is one of many steps in the process of aiding veterans in successfully transitioning into civilian life.

The America Project-Nevada is dedicated to serving those who have served in the Armed Forces and understands the need for specialized programs as well as educating the community at large on properly integrating veterans with their families as well as their communities. Each Veteran is provided the tools for a successful transition complimented with ongoing quality care.

Founder, Regina Rhodes salutes her father, Sgt. Gus Rhodes, Jr. who loyally served his county for 22 years in the United States Air Force. The relentless love he had for his country empowered him to serve in Vietnam on three different assignments. His skill and expertise were evident in his work as a member of the 57th Field Maintenance Squadron. His heart, mind, and steady hands and ensured safe flights for the F111. He was a man of great valor to be admired at home and abroad. 


Veteran's Family Services & Referral Resources

This service is geared towards veterans and their families who are in the process of healing from trauma, PTSD, family separation, or any other crisis. Every Christmas we provide "Toys4VetsKids" as a staple program within Northern Las Vegas. We provide one-time bus passes for veterans who have obtained employment but lack transportation. We also provide veterans with interview attire when applying for a job. We have a flagship Non-Profit 501c3 called, The America Project-Nevada, click here to learn more.

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Our Support Services

Veterans Outreach

Counseling for Individuals, Groups and Families

Referral/ Distribution Services

Soldier and Family Reunion